Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, is observed nationally this year on January 15, 2017.  This is a special day in which thousands across the nation take time to recognize the value and sanctity of every human life created in God’s image. It is an opportunity to honor not-yet-born children, those with disabilities, those who are dehumanized through human trafficking and many others.  SOHLS is acknowledged on the third Sunday of every January, designated by President Ronald Reagan in his proclamation on January 22, 1984.  This date is chosen specifically to coincide with the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision to legalize abortion in the U.S. on January 22, 1973.

We at Hope Pregnancy Care Center typically honor this day by holding an open house at the center. We have opted this year instead to offer the above graphic in the form of a vinyl window sticker as a gift, to all who would like one.  These stickers will be available at most churches on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, however if your church has not requested them you may contact us at the center to get one at 435.656.5331.

We invite you to actively live out the compassion of Jesus for the vulnerable, including the unborn and those facing an unplanned pregnancy in the following ways:

  • PRAY
  • REFER women and men who are struggling with an unplanned pregnancy or past abortion to us where they may seek assistance
  • LEARN about and share the facts about fetal development and abortion related information (we can supply the information to you.
  • GIVE – your time, your donations, your love

We give thanks to all who currently pray for and support the ministry of Hope PCC.Please enjoy the video below created for this special day:

Click to view video


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